Virtual Call Center – Cloud Auto Dialer

$15.00 / month

Auto Dialer Features:

  • Upload your leads: Allows you to upload your clients fresh data on the Auto Dialer
  • Automated your calls: The Auto Dialer will dial 4 phone numbers at the same time to ensure your agents always receive the call of the next available client on the phone faster and with no time wasted.
  • Monitor agents: Listen to live conversations while your clients are still on the phone to ensure your agents are following your correct telemarketing campaign procedures.
  • Record calls: Access your recordings for 30 days.



With our Cloud Auto Dialer your sales will increase by 300% compared with manual dialing?

Increase or cancel the number of agents as you need, month by month, anyone can buy anytime our Cloud Virtual Auto Dialer services:

  • Auto Dialer $15.00 per agent per month
  • PBX on the Cloud $15.00 per extension per month
  • Hosted IVR $15 per month, one recording with the menu of your choice, ex, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer service, etc.

We will setup for you a Virtual Call Center on a state of the art network with Fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour monitoring.


What equipment i need to rent a Cloud Auto Dialer?

  1. Agents and computer stations able to navigate to a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer for the VirtualCallCenter admin and agent login.
  2. Download a Free PC based SoftPhone (with G729 Codec) such as Eyebeam (Free version downloadable from our secure website clean of viruses).

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