Virtual Contact Center – Cloud Hosted PBX

$150.00 / month

Virtual Call Center Features:

  • Upload your customer base: Allows you to upload your clients data on the Virtual PBX platform.
  • Automate your calls: The virtual contact center feature will route the incoming calls to the available extensions to ensure your agents always receive the the next customer call on the phone faster and with no time wasted.
  • Monitor agents: Listen to live conversations while your clients are still on the phone to ensure your agents are following your correct procedures.
  • Record calls: Access your recordings for 30 days.



With our Cloud PBX your sales will increase by 300% compared to traditional phone systems

Increase or cancel the number of extensions you need, month by month, any company can buy our Cloud PBX services:

Inbound calling for your contact center activities and outbound calling features provides your sales and customer service teams an easy and fast way to communicate with your customers like never before.

  • PBX on the Cloud $150.00 per month
  • Hosted IVR: One recording with the menu of your choice, ex, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer service, etc.

We will setup for you a Virtual Call Center on a state of the art network with Fiber backbone capable of handling any volume of calls, UPS backups, RAID for fault tolerance and 24 hour monitoring.


What equipment i need to rent a Cloud PBX?

  1. Your employees.
  2. Their computers.
  3. Internet connection.
  4. Internet browser like Chrome, Firefox or Explorer to login to the Virtual Call Center.