Configure Your Softphone, X-Lite, X-Ten or Eyebeam with Switch2VoIP

Configure your Xlite or Eyebeam Softphone

Configuring X-Lite

Download the X-Lite softphone safely from our servers: Download X-Lite here

After downloading and installing X-Lite, follow the directions below to configure X-Lite for Switch2VoIP. The configuration is the same for X-Lite on Windows and Mac OS X.
We recommend that you read each step through in its entirety before performing the action indicated in the step.
STEP 1 Open the X-Lite application.
STEP 2 If you have had X-Lite installed for a while please skip to 2B below.
STEP 2A If you have just installed X-Lite you will see a screen appear like the one below:
If you see this window skip to STEP 3, if not, see 2B below.
STEP 2B If you have had X-Lite installed for a while please RIGHT-CLICK in the main window and select SIP Account Settings… from the drop-down menu.

STEP 3 Click the ADD… button in the SIP Accounts window.

STEP 4 You will now see a window with tabs across the top, and fields to be filled. Follow the directions
STEP 5 Within the Account tab fill in the fields as explained below:
  1. Display Name: Enter your Agent’s Name in this field or leave Empty (Setup CallerID on Eyebeam)
  2. Username: Enter your Switch2Voip Username here or if you want to display your CallerID to your callers then you can input here the phone number you want to display to your callers.
  3. Password: Enter your SIP Password here.
  4. Authorization user name: Enter your Switch2Voip username Again here
  5. Domain:
In addition the Register with domain and receive incoming calls option should be CHECKED; and the target domain radio button selected.
The dialing plan should be left as its default which is: #1aa.T;match=1;prestrip=2;
STEP 6 Within the Advanced tab make sure that the settings are configured as shown in the picture below:

Once setup as above, click the Apply button (if you made any changes), and then click the OK button.

STEP 7 You will now be back at the SIP accounts screen. Click the Close button as shown in the picture below:

STEP 8 The X-Lite software will now attempt to register (log in) to our servers. You should see this happen in a few seconds and if successful in the main screen you will see the Logged in — enter phone number message.

That’s it! You can now make a phone call.
You can place a call to a traditional landline or mobile phone by dialing: 1 + the area code and number for calls to the US

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