How to Use SIPDialer Free Auto Dialer

Follow these easy steps to start making calls with your SIPDialer Free power Dialer.

1- Login to the SIPDialer interface using your credentials. If you still don’t have your username and password request it from your account manager.

SIPDialer login

2- Click on Admin to manage your Agents and Leads

SIPDialer admin

When you click on the Admin panel you will find the links to upload leads and create new users.

2- Upload leads: Click on Browse and upload your data file.
(See screenshot below for correct data format before uploading)

SIPDialer upload leads

The following screenshot is a sample of how the data should be formatted in order to be uploaded to the dialer, please check how the columns are organized.

SIPDialer leads format

3- Create user agents:

SIPDialer add user

Very Important: Before your agents login to the dialer please make sure your Xlite or Eyebeam is open and ready to take calls configured with your VoIP account.

4- After your leads have been uploaded and the Users are created your agents must proceed to login to the portal and start taking calls by clicking on the Dialer button.

SIPDialer start dialing

5- The softphone will attempt to connect with our online dialer and will show a message requesting permission, at this point you must click Yes and the dialer will start sending calls, if the Agent clicks No they will not be able to receive calls from the dialer.

Then SIPDialer will attempt to contact your customer by sending the call to Xlite

SIPDialer dialing

6- When you finish the call just End the call on your softphone, select the Predisposition according to the result of the call and click on Save changes, automatically SIPDialer will send the next call to your softphone.