How to setup/configure Zoiper on IPhone or Android

This is an easy guide on how to download, setup and configure the Zoiper softphone on Iphone and Android:

Softphone ZoiPer logo

  1. First, if you still have not downloaded it yet, you must go to the Appstore and search for Zoiper softphone or go to the official Zoiper website:  Download latest Zoiper version here, there are available mobile versions for iOS, Android and also computer versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. After Zoiper has been downloaded and installed, open it and go to Settings on the bottom right corner of the app.
  3. Click on AccountsZoiper settings iphone and Android
  4. To add an account first click on the + sign on the top right corner, make sure you select SIP Accounts on the next step, select “Yes” below on Do you al ready have an account.Zoiper settings add account
  5. On the next prompt Select Manual configuration.
  6. Now Zoiper will ask you to “Choose an account type”, here select SIP account.
  7. If you still don’t have a VoIP account Signup here with only $5 and start making calls, however if at this point if you already have a SIP account with Altotelecom you must input the credentials we have sent on your email inside these fields like in the example in the picture below. Your Username must go in the Auth Username field, the phone number you wish to display as CallerID must be input in both the Username and CallerID fields as shown in the image.

    Account name: Altotelecom
    Username: Your own VoIP account username
    Password: Your SIP password
    CallerID: The phone number you want to display as Caller ID
    Advance Settings Auth Username: Again your VoIP account username

    Setup Caller ID or CLI on Zoiper SIP VoIP Account Settings

  8. You are now ready to start making calls, go to the main screen of your Zoiper softphone and the word Ready must be displayed in the screen meaning that you can start making calls.Zoiper mobile configuration setup for IPhone and Android