Setup your CallerID on Eyebeam or X-Lite Softphone

In this article we would like to explain how to setup the CallerID you want others to see when you call them. You can use the same concept for any softphone like Eyebeam or X-Lite and the CallerID will display perfectly.

How to setup your CallerID, step by step instructions: 
Within the “Account settings” tab fill in the fields as explained below:
  1. Display Name: Enter your Agent’s Name in this field or leave Empty.
  2. Username: Enter your Altotelecom Username here or if you want to display your CallerID to your callees then you can input here the 10 digit phone number you want to display to your callers.
  3. Password: Enter your SIP Password here.
  4. Authorization user name: Enter your Altotelecom username Again here
  5. Domain:

Below you can see an image with the instructions for an easier understanding of the users.

If you are still having issues setting up the CallerID you wish to send out please open a ticket on the support area.

Eyebeam CallerID Setup


Download and configure your Free softphone

If you still don’t have a softphone to start making VoIP calls you can start by downloading X-Lite softphone here.


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