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Make SIP trunking easy by cutting costs, improving business growth and succession while maintaining your current cloud or hybrid phone system.

AltoTelecom manages a telecommunications operation to bring our clients the possibility of combining 3 suppliers in 1 by offering a single source for VoIP services/SIP trunking, International Phone Numbers/Toll Free Numbers and Hosted PBX and Call Center dialer softwares.

Our network provides VoIP SIP phone service to businesses, call centers and hotels using softphones, ATA devices, Auto-Dialers and IP-PBX systems. We offer low wholesale rates that delivers excellent call quality to solve the telecommunication VoIP needs to call centers worldwide.

No Monthly fees! Just pay per second talked with no minute rounding.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking is comparable to a traditional business phone line but instead of being physically connected to the PSTN (public switched telephone network) by lines and circuits a SIP trunk connects virtually using your existing internet connection, hence making it easier to combine voice, video data, instant messaging and internet services into only one line.

SIP services are offered by VoIP providers and all SIP calls are considered “local” and do not require a phone line. This benefits both small businesses and large companies offering more functionality to receive high volume calls and reducing the cost of overall expenses.

The Advantages of using SIP Trunking Services

Whether you’re a small business competing with large corporations and want to appear bigger and more professional or you’re a large business that wants to maintain local presence, regardless of the size one thing is certain, SIP trunking’s biggest benefit is the significant cut in spending costs.

  • Keep the same phone number even if you move offices, since SIP trunks are not restricted to a location there is no need to pay to forward calls.
  • Lower call rates and combined hardware and setups decrease the installation and maintenance costs of changing and adding to your existing phone system.
  • Flexibility with unlimited channels, add channels to your SIP trunk easily to handle increased calls at no extra cost.
  • SIP trunking avoids disaster scenarios like bad weather by redirecting calls to different phones or networks.

SIP Trunking VS Traditional PSTN Lines

In order to have voice, video and data all on one line back in the days, you had to purchase a PRI (primary rate interface) along with your phone provider’s calling plans. A PRI relies on the use of T1 lines which means you might need additional telephone circuits and calling rates are usually more expensive.

This is no longer the case today, SIP allows your provider to set up a proxy server (SIP proxy) which provides all the incoming, outgoing and PBX calls for you and everything is handled offsite by your VoIP provider saving you time and money on the technical support side.

In case of being temporarily shut down, a sudden power outage, natural disasters etc SIP automatically reroutes calls to a different location, office or phone as necessary.

SIP also allows you to outsource internationally, such as with many customer service centers. The versatility of SIP trunking lets you extend staff countrywide or even worldwide.

About AltoTelecom

  Was established in 2007 and is a leading VoIP service provider worldwide offering the lowest calling rates for VoIP and SIP trunking services.

AltoTelecom also provides 1-800 Toll Free numbers to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, virtual hosted predictive dialers and IP PBX’s, bulk SMS messaging and offers a free US or Canada virtual phone number upon opening a new VoIP account.

Our billing is cost effective in a pay-as-you-go fashion, you only pay for the minutes you use with NO rounding, NO extra charges, NO set up fees, NO contract obligations, NO minimum call volume is required and absolutely NO penalty for cancellations.

Our network is designed to handle unlimited multiple calls at once without problems or delays and with excellent voice quality. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the utmost dependable and cost effective VoIP service to improve their productivity and overall success.

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