VoIP Service Provider for Business

Established in 2007, AltoTelecom is a Call Center and Hospitality industry leading VoIP service provider across many countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Australia and Dominican Republic.

Always aiming to provide top customer support and best telephone service AltoTelecom offers the lowest worldwide calling rates for services like VoIP for Call Centers, Toll Free Numbers, SIP trunking for call centres and many more. Get a free USA or Canada virtual phone number when you signup for a new account.

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Call Centre / Dialer VoIP

AltoTelecom is the choice VoIP service provider for call centers using predictive dialers, businesses using virtual hosted PBX systems and hotels looking to save money on their hosts calls. Our advanced dialer VoIP service can handle unlimited multiple calls at once without delays with a superb voice quality. Our billing is optimized to be best cost effective in a pay-as-you go manner.

AltoTelecom call center customers usually call to countries like UK, USA, Canada, India and Australia for telemarketing campaigns with predictive dialers to automate the calls, AltoTelecom serves call center VoIP service needs and support dialer calling. Contact us to get the best-in-market rates in call center VoIP services.

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Carrier VoIP / SIP Termination

AltoTelecom provides VoIP SIP service to call centers, hotels and businesses using IP PBX systems. We meet the telecommunication VoIP needs of worldwide call centers across Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia for local and long distance calls as well.

We aim to serve call center with the best VoIP quality service to our clients and the best customer support of 24×7.

We value your business and understand your situation, that is the reason why our VoIP services are contract free with no minimum call volume required, no setup fees and no cancellation penalty.

AltoTelecom also provide services such as:

  • 1-800, 1-866, 1-877 United States, Canada Toll Free Numbers
  • 800 United Kingdom Toll Free Numbers
  • Free USA and Canada Virtual Phone Numbers on every new VoIP account.
  • Virtual Hosted Predictive Dialers and IP PBX’s
  • Bulk SMS Messaging Service

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SIP Trunking for Call Centers

AltoTelecom is a reliable VoIP SIP Trunk service provider that offers inbound and outbound calls to the Call Centre industry since 2007.

What is SIP Trunking? SIP Trunking replaces analog traditional telephone service called Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with a connection provided over the internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) normally called SIP provider (Session Initiation Protocol). In VoIP, SIP is the protocol used to send calls to the applications.

AltoTelecom includes a highly experienced team of technical engineers to provide the best VoIP service to its clients.

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SIP / VoIP Toll Free Numbers

AltoTelecom strives to provide the best SIP / VoIP – Toll Free Services to its clients in the call center industry. Our target is to provide the best and most reliable, cost effective VoIP service to all our call center clients to enhance their scalability and productivity. Hotels are also starting to use VoIP as an standard for their long distance calls .

AltoTelecom Toll Free number services: Our customer calls are routed through a 1-800, 1-866 or 1-877 phone number using the AltoTelecom switching platform to an IP, DID or a combination of end points. Our billing plan gives the opportunity to call centers to pay only for the minutes they use with no extra charges.

Currently we provide Toll Free Numbers from United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Our International Virtual Phone Number services are provided to our customers accounts so they receive calls from anywhere in the world.

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International Toll Free / Local Phone Numbers from 52 countries.

A large number of companies maintain their call center activities outside United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada. For companies with call center operations outside their homeland AltoTelecom provides International DID/Virtual Phone Number Services, your clients will always get in touch with you by dialing a local number.

AltoTelecom provides DID numbers and SIP / VoIP Toll Free Numbers across over 32 countries countries. Your customers will interact with your call center agents more productively by calling a local phone number instead of an international phone number.

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